Trail's End BBQ                         T E X A S style BBQ concession & catering

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About Us

Smok'in Story

As a young boy growing up in Dallas, Texas, Bill Garre, our Trail’s End BBQ smokemaster, curiously assisted his father Bill senior with the family barbecue cooking tradition. Over the years they experimented with temperatures, timing, sauce mixtures and dry rub ingredients, sometimes to the dismay of their volunteer taste testers. “One batch of beef brisket was so tough,” recalls the smokemaster, “that it was donated to my friend’s family dog for dinner.”


It was during his college days at the University of Texas Austin and the 18 years that would follow as an officer in the United States Air Force that Bill expanded on his father’s winning beef brisket recipe. Catering for socials, fundraisers, promotions and retirement parties around the world (literally), the smokemaster created notable barbecue variations of the mesquite wood smoked sausage bangers and his now celebrated beef ribs.


Cementing the dream of marketing this Texas style barbecue recipe to the public were the stellar reviews from the British Royal Air Force Squadron in Lyneham, England, after the smokemaster had cooked over 80lbs of beef brisket on the unit's flight line as part of a 'Welcoming the United States Air Force' party.

Partnering in 2008 with US Air Force officer Jason Fallis, a successful North Little Rock and Jonesboro restaurant owner,
Trail’s End BBQ was officially born. Offering full-service on-site catering and mobile concession for the Little Rock area is only one of the company’s current business models. A permanent restaurant location has been scouted by the team in Jonesboro, Arkansas, with construction planned to begin in the summer of 2010.

When asked what the future holds for
Trail’s End BBQ, both owners respond succinctly, “To bring our Texan hill country beef barbecue to the world!!!”

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